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Before contacting support, please browse our FAQ Knowledge Base, you might just find the solution you're looking for.

How can i get Internet Ticket or Subscribe?

  1. You can buy online and pay with you debit / credit card COMING SOON
  2. You can buy from our vendors: Click Here to find Vendors

I have poor or no signal strength

  1. Poor signal strength slows internet speed so it’s advisable to search for good signal strength
  2. If you have low or no signal, please contact to provide you with a radio

How can I connect to AIR-WIFI

You can always connect to air-wifi when you are around the air-wifi zone
Steps to Connect
  1. Put on your wireless device and search for AIR WIFI
  2. Select "AIR-WIFI" and click "Connect"
  3. Lunch your browser and type www.myair-wifi.co/login
  4. Enter your username and password to start browsing

....browse and enjoy

Connect us (08073492023, 08056366286) for any connection difficulties

How can I check my data balance

Use the self-care portal, click on manage account to get you data usage details Or type www.myair-wifi.co/status

How can I check my validity and total data usage

Go to our status at www.myair-wifi.co/status and click on Check Data.
You can also find your data usage on our self-care portal

I want to Logout

On your browser, type www.myair-wifi.co/logout

I just put off my wifi without logging out will my data still run

No, your connection cuts off after 3mins of inactive usage

What are your Plans and Rates?

You will find our rates and plan on our website www.air-wifi.co and also on our Login Page

Is your Internet fast?

Yes it’s very fast and faster than any other network

Can I Advertise on your network?

Sure you can, click here to get more info or go to our login page and click on advertise

Can I share my internet account with other users

Your internet account is a single user account but technically it can be shared if you purchase our router.
Find our router cost at www.air-wifi.co

Can I roll over my remaining data into my next subscription

Sure your can if you are a subscriber but you must top up your account before the validity period expires

Can I get unlimited data plan on Air-Wifi

Yes, on our corporate package we offer unlimited data plan but it's limited to bandwidth speed. For this package please contact at customercare@hot-minetservices.com or call: 08073492023, 08056366286

I can’t remember my Username and Password

Use the self-care portal, click on forgotten username/password to retrieve your details